Not wobbly when it comes to pie


Five Questions with . . . The Wobbly Goat Cafe owner and chef Sarah Moore

Where did you train to be a chef?

“I spent five years training in Sydney. I started out doing a Tafe course (Technical and Further Education) and then I went on to work in fine-dining restaurants over there.”

What is your specialty in the kitchen?

“Probably pastry work. I also really like hot, fast food work, hot entrees and mains.”

You were recently recognised in the New Zealand Supreme Pie Awards for your Moroccan goat pie – what was the inspiration behind that?

“I knew a supplier in Central Otago who farms goat, and I just thought it would be something different. So I gave it a go. I’ve always liked to experiment in the kitchen.”

What other weird and wonderful culinary delights do you have planned?

“It’s great being in a cafe. It’s not a concrete menu that I have to stick to, so I can do whatever I want and just go with the seasons. I’m thinking about diversifying the light fluffy vanilla custard square and making coffee-flavoured and chocolate-flavoured custard squares. You need to do something quirky and different. I’m always looking to do something a bit different to everyone else. If I can be as creative as I can, I will. That’s why I get the buzz out of cooking – it’s not the hours.”

Is that why you have your own special recipe for dog biscuits?

“Yes. We make dog biscuits. It doesn’t bring any revenue in, but just about everyone in Outram and Mosgiel has a dog.

If they bring their owners in . . .”