New look at supermarket

New look . . . Mosgiel New World after a $3.5 million refurbishment. PHOTO: JOSHUA RIDDIFORD

A $3.5 million refurbishment at Mosgiel New World has been completed.

Jack Stafford, who owns the store with his wife Jo, said the project began in August last year and was completed last week.

Highlights of the refurbishment included the full replacement of all grocery shelving, adding 38 new bays and new checkouts.

The additional grocery bays meant the supermarket had been able to expand organic fare such as gluten-free, sugar-free and paleo offerings.

New seafood and butchery serve-overs had been added and the seafood section had been shifted next to the butchery section so protein was available for shoppers in the same part of the supermarket.

More energy-efficient refrigeration and lighting had been installed across the store.

Floor tiles had also been replaced.

Additional windows had been installed to let in more natural light, which, Mr Stafford said, made “a huge difference”.

The outside of the building had also been reclad in places and repainted.

Mr Stafford said the changes were significant and had at times been challenging for customers and staff.

The refurbishment meant the store could offer a bigger range and a more “modern shopping experience”, he said.

Mr Stafford said Mosgiel New World employed about 200 staff, who were a mixture of part-time and full-time workers.

There were no changes to the staffing level as a result of the refurbishment.