Local music keeps shop running

Song of success . . .Relics co-owner Dave James (right) and staff member Bebe James say the store has been growing over the last few years, especially in the vinyl department. PHOTO: GRETA YEOMAN

Support for local music is keeping one record store afloat, but a resurgence in vinyl is also helping, Relics co-owner Dave James says.

Mr James has been running the St Andrew St store for more than three years.

He had started up after Marbecks stopped selling music and said music lovers wanting to support local musicians with hard copy albums were keeping the business running.

The most popular purchase recently on vinyl had been Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool. Dunedin artists The Chills’ Silver Bullets and Preservation by Nadia Reid were top overall in CD sales.

Mr James said sales were about 50% vinyl, 50% CDs and while young people were becoming more interested in vinyl through social media, the majority of Relics’ vinyl record buyers were older men.

Staff member Bebe James said while they did not buy CDs in bulk quantities – so it was “not about being cheap” – they prided themselves on the variety of records they had in store and could source.

She said the staff knowledge and love of music had earned them a reputation, so much so she was known by many around Dunedin as “the girl from Relics”.