Little Green Shop already expanding in Gordon Rd

Environmentally aware . . . The Little Green Shop owner and operator Tina Tunster sketches a likeness of Humphrey the cat in her Mosgiel store on Tuesday. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Business is better than expected, a new Mosgiel retailer says.

The Little Green Shop owner and operator Tina Tunster said she opened her shop in Gordon Rd about two months ago and it had been going better than expected.

“It’s been good really good – I’m very pleased.”

Since opening she had extended the retail space so she could increase her supply of goods to cater for the growing demand.

A motivation to open the shop was to sell products which would allow people to reduce the amount of waste they dumped.

Products on sale in the shop range from stainless steel straws to reusable menstrual cups.

“They’re very popular.”

She also opened the shop to support New Zealand suppliers.

Many of the products in the shop were from Dunedin suppliers including jams from Waihola and honey from Middlemarch.

“There are a lot of people who are really keen to support local and reduce packaging.”

She also sketched pet portraits for sale.

When The Star visited the shop, she was using soft pastel pencils to sketch a likeness of deceased cat Humphrey.

She had a waiting list of commission work for pet portraits.

Mrs Tunster, of Waldronville, said the reason for choosing Mosgiel as the place to open a new business was because it was easier for customers to access car parks than in central Dunedin.

The main reason for choosing Mosgiel was the store – the former Hospice Shop Mosgiel– was cheap to rent.

She was a former manager of Hospice Shop Mosgiel so knew the space.

“I’ve always liked this great little shop.”