Change is afoot for shoppers in Northeast Valley.

The Gardens New World supermarket is set to get bigger and the Antidote Pharmacy will move across the square.

The pharmacy will occupy the former Westpac Bank space on the corner of North and Opoho Rds.

The supermarket will expand into the vacated pharmacy space.

Antidote pharmacies owner Lorealle Lam said she had been asked to relocate the store by Foodstuffs, the co-operative which operates New World stores and owns all buildings in the Gardens Corner shopping complex.

Aside from the relocation, Miss Lam said there would be no other changes to the Antidote Gardens store.

“We’re still here to serve the valley.”

Gardens New World store owner Brendan Murray said business growth over the past five years had necessitated the changes.

“It’s expanded more than its physical footprint can allow it to.”

The store’s international department, liquor department and bulk food bins would move into the new space in a first phase followed by the expansion of the bakery and deli sections in a second phase.

Additional bakery and deli staff would be taken on, Mr Murray said.

A health food section would also be introduced.

The changes might require some adjustment for regular customers, with some products shifting aisles, but Mr Murray expected customers would soon adapt to the new layout of the store.

“People don’t always like change straight away but once they get used to it, it’s not so bad.”

There was no firm deadline date for the changes to take place but Mr Murray said he expected them to be completed by late September.

Valley Project board member Rob Thompson welcomed the expansion of the supermarket. He said the changes reflected a positive overall business climate in Northeast Valley.

“It’s wonderful that businesses are expanding,” he said.

“New World’s obviously recognising that they need more space and there does seem to be a general feeling of positivity within the valley.”

Citing other recent developments, such as the establishment of two new op shops in the suburb, Mr Thompson said the news came in the context of a resurgence in development and business activity in the valley.