Car painting for NZ in Russia

Game on . . . Dunedin car painter Callum Dodds is in Russia to represent his country as part of the New Zealand World Skills. PHOTO: STAR FILES

Car painter and New Zealand World Skills team member Callum Dodds (21), of Mornington.

Why are you in Russia?

I’m the only competitor representing New Zealand in car painting at the World Skills competition in Kazan, Russia [which began on Thursday].

How many competitors are you going up against?

I’m one of 29 car painters – all under the age of 22 – from across the world.

What will you have to do?

You’re given six different tasks including blending, colour matching, standard application of base coats and clear coats, design and accuracy. It’s mostly skills which are standard trade practice.

What do you think will set the winner apart from the rest?

An attention to detail, a fine focus and not getting wound up when something goes wrong, and being able to fix a mistake or move on from it.

How are you feeling about the competition?

I’m pretty excited.