Business space to share


The newest venture to arrive in Vogel St is a collaborative, shared business space, which opens on Monday.
Innov8HQ, founded and directed by Heidi Renata, will have a ‘‘rent-ondemand’’ basis for businesses using the space.
More than 50% of the office space, located in a section of level 1 of 123 Vogel St, will be occupied full-time by a variety of yet unidentified companies, while other areas could be rented out for shorter timeframes — even for just a day, Miss Renata said.
With a variety of desks, boardrooms and smaller offices, she hoped the space, which could fit up to 40 people at a time, would allow ‘‘cross-pollination of skills and expertise’’ between the businesses using it.
Companies using the space would include technology firms, business consultants, sales and marketing representatives, not-for-profits and those focused on business sustainability, she said.
Innov8HQ would also be offering a yearly sponsorship of five seats in the premises, allowing upand-coming businesses to have office space and a business mentor for a whole year, she said.
The organisation would also have a big focus on workplace wellbeing, something Miss Renata had become ‘‘really passionate’’ about over her years in telecommunications.
A ‘‘wellbeing clinic’’ would be housed on-site and a variety of practitioners, including massage therapists, naturopaths and nutritionists, would be able to use the space.
Miss Renata had worked for 13 years at Vodafone before moving into business consultancy last year.
She had been ‘‘spoilt for choice’’ when choosing a location but eventually settled on Vogel St because of the growing culture on the street and potential for collaboration with other companies in the area.
‘‘What I really liked about Vogel St was it’s kind of rebirthing.’’
Innov8HQ, located at 123 Vogel St, would be one of several organisations in the building, Miss Renata said.
‘‘There’s some really cool things in the pipeline.’’
She was ‘‘really excited’’ about the space opening on Monday and hoped to see both new and existing companies using the space, collaborating and receiving advice.
‘‘[It is] an open-source business hub for people at any stage of a business.’’
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