Music maps natural rhythms

Rennie Pearson (left) and Robert Zielinski. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Locked down together by chance, Western Australian musician and composer Robert Zielinski and Golden Bay musician Rennie Pearson had a lot of time for music.

On tour through New Zealand, the duo will perform Zielinski’s The Torbay Suite this Saturday night, from 7.30pm, at Knox Church.

The suite is a 50-minute original composition inspired by the pristine Torbay inlet, near where Zielinski lives on Western Australia’s remote South Coast.

It has been described as “one of the most moving and evocative pieces in recent times”.

The piece is framed on the Celtic styles that formed Zielinski’s upbringing.

The Torbay Suite was recorded at Perth Concert Hall on December 19, 2019, and it is due for release in July.

For Zielinski, Torbay is a special place ” where the natural world and its rhythms remain largely intact”.

“At the time I was making my fiddle and visiting the inlet every day.

“When I finished the fiddle I had the suite, so it feels a bit like each was made for the other,” he said.

The Torbay Suite is divided into day and night, and maps Torbay through these phases, with the fiddle as the main storyteller.