Mandala depicts female buddha


The sacred art of sand mandala is one of the many creations happening during Arts Festival Dunedin.
The large mandala, created by Dhargyey Buddhist Centre resident teacher Geshe Lobsang Dhonyoe, was being created at the centre and would be on show until Sunday, centre director Peter Small said. Mr Small said the mandala, which depicted female buddha Tara, would be swept away a day after it was completed, for special symbolic reasons.
“[Buddhists are] encouraged to observe the impermanent things in life,” he said.
He said the monk’s decision to dedicate the mandala to Tara was especially important for Dhargyey’s buddhists, as the centre hosted regular “prayers and praise” of the female buddha.  Geshe Dhonyoe, who arrived at the centre earlier this year, has created about 30 mandala around the world – including Europe and the US.  He started work on the mandala on September 18 and would put in an estimated 120 hours of work by the time it was completed, Mr Small said. The centre had created other public sand mandala in the past, including one at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in 2006 and another at Otago Museum in 2000.
To see the sand mandala, visit the Dhargyey Buddhist Centre at 22 Royal Terrace between 9am and 6pm. The display finishes on Sunday .